TABATA SONGS & TABATA+ Around the World

by May 3, 2021

TABATA + & Tabata Songs are around the world! See who is using Tabata Songs in over 100 countries, and how they are incorporating the music in the workouts. Plus, what we’re doing to broaden our reach, our diversity, and our inclusivity.

Around the World

We have been completely humbled by the unbelievable community that has assembled around Tabata Songs and now TABATA +. When Tabata Songs began, we could never have predicted the reach we have accomplished thus far. In addition to the 140 MILLION+ YouTube views our channel has received, our music and workouts are popping up on YOUR videos from all over the world! We are so proud to have all of your support and wanted to show our appreciation through YOUR representation.

Where are We?

Tabata Songs have visited every country you see shaded in blue. You have helped us travel the world! From Malaysia to Chile to Canada, the Netherlands, and Russia, Tabata Songs could not be more thankful for this journey. Having this widespread community has inspired us and opened our creative minds to the endless diversity celebration that is possible. 

One of the most incredible things we’ve been able to bring to you with this information is… of course, music. Living in the United States, we generally hear what the radio deems as “popular hits.” But, this community has opened our doors to the amazing music that we don’t hear enough of. We have begun searching far and wide for new artists, musicians, vocalists, and music that motivates and celebrates the cultures represented at Tabata Songs. We are making it a priority to incorporate music that travels the world with us and maybe inspires a dance party or two. Have a look at our SPOTIFY PLAYLIST, which we update weekly.

It’s also allowed us to connect with some pretty amazing athletes. If you’ve been following along, you know we have a few ambassadors that frequent our channel and take the time to video some kick-ass workouts. These ambassadors are from EVERYWHERE. Whether it’s Anna from Austria, Cynthia from France, or Ash from the States, these athletes believe in our mission, work SUPER hard and bring their own cultures into the mix. Not only are we so thankful for these folks, but we have been lucky enough to have been tagged in many other athlete videos around the world. Over the years, people have shared their videos with us, from group classes to moms in their kitchens and fitness professionals. We see you, and thank you! Keep the videos coming!

Here’s some inspiration for you!

What is Functional Fitness?

Functional Fitness is ANY type of fitness that supports the physical needs of your everyday life. This includes walking, pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting, and strengthening the core.

TABATA SONGS & TABATA+ Around the World

TABATA + & Tabata Songs are around the world! See who is using Tabata Songs in over 100 countries, and how they are incorporating the music in the workouts.


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